Armering Levert av Smith Stål
Armering Levert av Smith Stål


Welcome to the RebarEasy Demo

Our innovative software puts your cut and bend plant at your customers fingertips with a flawless design and ordering service.

Select the ‘Order Rebar Now’ button to see first-hand how customers interact with the solution and experience the future of purchasing rebar digitally.

Plus there’s more!

If you would like to see the full solution… check out our RebarEasy Admin Demo - where you can receive, process and manage orders centrally and manage stock and prices instantly!

The RebarEasy Admin demo includes the following features:

  • Instant pricing mechanism for rebar and mesh – change prices instantly
  • Receive, edit and manage orders in real time and set status
  • Auto communication to customers on order status
  • Export order files ready for production
  • Edit and approve registered company profiles
  • Manage user profiles
  • Change order pick-up address
  • Edit product descriptions

To receive the Rebar Easy admin demo link, please send your email address to and we will set you up with an admin profile!